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A conceptual art project in collaboration with (but not limited to) generative AI, SLIME GIRL spans the parallel histories and alternate realities of Celeste X's slime girl universe with a hybrid of analogue and digital work ft. photography, conversations, and an "archive" of Slime Girl magazine covers.

"Slime tends to provoke conflicting reactions, sometimes extreme, often at the same time: intrigue and dismay, attraction and repulsion, laughter and nervousness, arousal and fear. Its fascination lies in its ambiguity, in its formlessness, messiness, hybridity, fecundity. It refuses to draw complete boundaries, to be managed or confined to one state, place, or role. Forever in-between, a naturally amniotic space of possibility and metamorphosis...all very uncomfortable for some. But this ambiguity, accompanied though it is by disfigurement and disarray, is integral to creativity, experimentation, and evolution."

–From the foreword to SLIME GIRL

6" x 8.5"
80 pages
Limited edition

Concept, creative direction, prompting, slime: Celeste X
Art direction, editing, layout: Rei Hertzler
Photography: Matthew Flores

With additional contributions from Scott Free and Weirdo Music Forever